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"Today the Workshop reminded me what’s my life goal is.  So I have to configure and write my R.O.A.D.M.A.P.  The lesson today helped me know myself more.  I was able to put it in writing, why I am doing what I am doing in life.  At this moment, I was able to assure myself money is not all that matters.  Through a mindfulness technique I concluded that it’s all about happiness and contentment.  The lesson today is very enlightening and informative.  Thank you, Andrew."

"The session was inspiring and the money story of my co-attendees gave me inspiration to further pursue this personal development programme.  The power of solfeggio sound makes me want to utilise them to get me through my emotional moments.  The coherence test was cool.  Thank you."

"The New Money Story Workbook has been very relevant and made a lot of impact on dealing with my perception on things and how to deal with them.  It opened my mind that our decisions are based not on what the situation is but on our emotions which affect our reactions.  Event + Emotional Response = Outcome."

"The day has made me so grateful for all the help that, Andrew has generously given.  I have made most of my Money Story and have made a start on a few things that I need to do moving forward.  It was also great to be able to share my experience and some of the details of my journey.  The sharing felt like a big release for me.  It confirms that the majority of what has been planned is consistent with what I have learned today.  Thank you."

"Today’s session was an eye-opening experience on peoples’ emotional roller coaster ride in their life, that surprisingly somehow relates so much to my life experiences."

"Through this programme, I was able to learn more about myself, my peculiarities and weaknesses.  It’s good to know that I could be aware about the way I think and now have the techniques to do something about it."

"I realise looking back how I see money.  I realised I am giving too much and not value myself enough to deserve some reward for my hard work.  I learned I should do more work for myself as well not just for others."

"This programme has made me feel grateful.  After learning tools to help me transition I also feel hopeful about the future."

"The experience in life changing.  It was so amazing all throughout I shifted from the old me to the new me.  My goal in this program is clear.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"The mindfulness techniques taught in this workshop allowed me to quieten my mind.  I’ve always been a person who believes in the benefits of a focused mind but had difficulty focusing because I had so much clutter in my mind.  The exercises allowed me to focus.  I would like to continue doing this because I find a focused mind can allow me to achieve more with less stress."

"Never really tried mindfulness techniques before today, but in today’s session my mind, body and soul experience mindfulness for the first time, twice!  It was very empowering and an instant switch turned on a lot of positivity in me.  I have been in a negative state of mind before this session and today I have an itch to change."

"Your New Money Story journey is so amazing, so many helpful inputs that is applicable in trading and most importantly in real life.  Realise so many things in me that I need to change.  I’m looking forward to seeing the updated version of me - Clark 2.0"

"Andrew is a very effective communicator and very friendly too! Great!
The New Money Story programme is an excellent course."
- Zaldy

"Today I realise so many things that changes my outlook in life and in trading. I thought I was doing good but because of the Workshop it opened my eyes to reality that our brain is so powerful that you can train and control it. Today’s experience is awesome."

"Effective Workshop because I realised/understood why I am losing in my trading. I am now conscious and aware that I am trading based on emotions. I look forward to continuing this work in the hope that I will be able to overcome emotional trading and will trade purely on technical analysis to make consistent profits."

"The Workshop is great, I learned a lot and I got emotional when one of the volunteers shared their story about his relationship with his mother. I can relate to his story because I also love my mother so much. The heart rate coherence exercise was great too, I realised how stressed I am. I must control my emotions to achieve good results in my trading career. Thank you to Andrew."

"I learned a lot about how relaxing and mindfulness techniques can help us not only in trading but also it can help us in our lives. This workshop taught me something new and I’m glad I now know about is information."

"The mindfulness exercise in the Workshop was very helpful to me, the following are the highlights of my experience on it today.

  • I felt my body and mind relaxed.
  • I felt less stressed and able to think more clearly.
  • I was helped to release my anger and release forgiveness to people who have hurt me deeply.
  • I was inspired to include this mindfulness exercise as an integral part of my daily routine."


"I learned a mindfulness technique today, during the workshop. I experienced the benefit of being relaxed and my body felt very light.

It dawned on me that I started to know myself this morning, during the class. It brought to my awareness my weaknesses in trading. The tools and materials that Andrew shared gave me to chance and fix my bad habits and practices. Andrew encouraged me to do the exercises and get focused. I became aware I am not focused. I am looking forward to losing my old ME and become the new ME."

"The workshop was an emotional experience for me. For me, it was the first time in my life, that I was able to get got in touch with my inner self. The overwhelming feeling of forgiveness put me in tears."

"Today’s workshop was amazing! It really did help me become aware of myself, my feelings, my desires and origin of my behaviours. It may take some time for me to shift, but because of the tools and knowledge give to us I’ll get there. I just need to be persistent, chill, relax and do the work. Let’s go!"

"I learned more than I expected, the workshop as a whole is great. I love the mindfulness technique, especially the part that you’re going to change yourself and forget/mourn your old self. Now I have a new self with new vision in life, new ideas and new focus. I learned to master my emotions. I know I cannot control the external events happening in my life but I can control my emotional reactions in a positive way."

"I did not expect anything at all, so the outcome was great."

"I would like to attend again as soon as possible. More mindfulness techniques."

"Expectations are met."

"Andrew is a very effective communicator and very friendly too! Great!
The New Money Story programme is an excellent course."

"Excellent Course Program. Should be done more often. Great materials. Great videos. Very comfortable. More than the expected. Excellent!"


"Everything was great. Brilliant! Knowledgeable of the course. Well presented.

Mindfulness technique was great. The course is very helpful for us as a trader. It's empowering. It is a stress therapy for me, it gives me relief from my past experiences. I'm thankful for what I have learn from this course.

Great learning experience. Fun, exciting, enriching."

"I would like to thank Andrew for sharing his knowledge and on how the mind works for us to be successful.

I like how Andrew taught the workshop, especially the mindfulness part where I was very happy and rich in the future. I saw my trading account at a profit of $1,000,000 and I drove my brand new BMW with driver and personal assistant. I think, act and feel as if it is happening in the present. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in forex trading. More power and success to come!!! yes!

All traders should attend the New Money Story Programme, where a combination of a relaxed mind and analytical analysis will make you a master trader. I feal very comfortable after attending this workshop. Thank you Andrew!!!!

Very amazing and I have that unlimited wealth feeling!!"

Thank you Andrew for your commitment to helping me find my “Trader’s mindset”, for me learning trading is not so easy and I have some hills to climb, the training is helping me to see the pathways through my own mind and find my way over those hills and towards my goals. The training was engaging, informative and enjoyable. I am really looking forward to more Workshops and the next modules in the New Money Story Workbook.

"I learned a lot about how relaxing and mindfulness techniques can help us not only in trading but also it can help us in our lives. This workshop taught me something new and I’m glad I now know about is information."

"I found todays sessions very informative, inspiring, enlightening, reassuring (that I’m actually ‘normal’) as I go through the emotional roller coaster of trading. Thanks to Andrew who guided us in the emotional and psychological aspects of the trading journey. I’m grateful and glad to be a part of this workshop."

"This workshop helps me to get back to basics. It cleans out all the baggage that distracts me on the path to being a good trader. By learning mindfulness techniques, it gave me a clear mind and removes all my worries, anxieties and fears before placing a quality trade."

"This is my first time to do mindfulness technique like this. The experience made me relax and it was so cool. I really appreciate this course because I just learned that there are such techniques that could aid me when stressed and worn out. The sound tracks and mindfulness techniques are so simple yet effective tolls. This will definitely help me in trading, since I always feel anxious every time I place my trades."

"Today’s workshop opened a window to another world of trading for me. I realised trading can be fun and stress free, as it should be. The techniques we did today greatly supported my trading journey. I realised getting to a level of relaxation and focus is necessary when I trade. This is the jump start technique that I needed to be in the right mind set when trading, I have learnt to shortcut many years of trading experience. The Workshop gave me the advantage to be on the same playing field with the professional traders who’ve been doing it for a long time."

"I had an amazing time doing this workshop. Andrew was great, I truly appreciate all the knowledge he imparted to us. Listening to my classmates’ experiences through this day has been enriching and inspiring, it was so re-assuring, especially realising we share so much in common from insights and experiences in our trading journey. We felt truly connected, even if we’ve only seen each other for the first time. We somehow felt bonded. We are the Million Dollar Club, we collectively decided to call this class, mainly because of our classmates’ experience during a mindfulness technique where she hit $1 million USD in her trading account. One classmate even asked, “was it a demo account?” to which the class erupted in laughter. All in all, it’s a heck of a workshop, we should have this experience more regularly. Kudos to Andrew."

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