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Organisations have always had to deal with change.  The difference between then and now is the frequency, pace, and complexity of these changes.

How can organisations better equip and enable their employees to thrive in the midst of these rapid and complex changes?  Whilst being adaptable and resilient. New advances in the field of neuroscience shows us that we are adaptable. Through this workshop, your staff will learn simple highly effective tools, for self-empowered transformation. 

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What We Do

We help organizations improve their business using a unique inside-out approach. This proprietary program is based on the work of researcher, neuroscientist, and best-selling author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, using models for the neuroscience of change. We have a global team of dedicated consultants specializing in various businesses and niches to support you in creating empowering, lasting change within the individual employee, teams, and organizations. The result? Increased employee engagement, greater creativity and productivity, and ultimately — improved business results.


We know that corporations are undergoing tremendous change today. If not managed properly, these changes can create stress, low morale, and lack of productivity among employees.

Small Business

In today’s competitive landscape, small business owners face unprecedented struggles. Among all the noise, what will it take for your business to stand out from the crowd?


Between health insurance policy changes, the rising cost of pharmaceuticals, and rapidly emerging technology, the healthcare industry must face these challenges in innovative ways. The status quo no longer works.


The education sector is facing rapid changes in this daunting period. With many unknown factors, educational organizations must be prepared for swift, agile, and efficient changes.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a researcher, neuroscientist, international lecturer, and New York Timesbest-selling author. He has developed a unique program, Change Your Mind…Create New Results, for organizations interested in using neuroscientific principles to enhance employee productivity, creativity, and innovation. The result? Increased performance and business results.

He has personally trained and certified over 50 consultants globally who teach his model of transformation to innovative organizations.


The workshop was an emotional experience for me. For me, it was the first time in my life, that I was able to get got in touch with my inner self. The overwhelming feeling of forgiveness put me in tears.


Excellent Course Program. Should be done more often. Great materials. Great videos. Very comfortable. More than the expected. Excellent!


I learned a lot about how relaxing and mindfulness techniques can help us not only in trading but also it can help us in our lives. This workshop taught me something new and I’m glad I now know about is information.


Andrew is a very effective communicator and very friendly too! Great! The New Money Story programme is an excellent course

Jenny Polyzoidis

Thank you ,and I will keep shining ever so bright in knowing that there are such beautiful souls in this world like you who truly want to make a huge difference in the personal evolution and growth of others....you are such a beautiful mentor and are destined to keep inspiring others with your profound knowledge and depth and beautiful charisma....so keep shining like you do.....for you are a wonderful and bright star and who can ignore that........for from your own beautiful example as a mentor will also inspire and lead many others down the path to their own beautiful life's unveiling and evolution, and ultimately to their full potential realisation and unfolding of their own beautiful destiny and life made of their own utter unique bliss and joy, and true purpose......I humbly extend my gratitude to you.....for showing us all the way... Andrew... ..like you do......too beautiful and I will continue to honor and support your work in earnestness and humility.....You are truly a unique, honorable and beautiful soul, and I am glad for knowing you.

In reverence and honor to you Andrew Pertsoulis for being the man you are , and will who always keep evolving and shining, into a truly magnificent and beautiful mentor and soul.
Thank you for giving me the beautiful opportunity to be part of your life's mission and truth.....keep shining.....you have my utmost respect and support...
Love....from a woman who loves life passionately Jenny Polyzoidis

Where Is Your White Space?

FEBRUARY 12, 2010

“We see local as the big white space.”

In this context, white space basically means “a place where a company might have room to maneuver in a crowded playing field.”

As a metaphor, white space is at once ubiquitous and frustratingly ambiguous. There may be as many definitions circulating as there are business thinkers. Some people define it as a place where there’s no competition. Others as an entirely new market. Still others use it, as Tim Armstrong has, to refer to gaps in existing markets or product lines.

For all its ambiguity, though, white space is undoubtedly a metaphor about opportunity; different thinkers define it differently because they take varying approaches to capturing opportunity. In that spirit, let me offer up another way to look at white space — a very specific meaning I think would be particularly useful to Tim Armstrong and to any other top executive engaged in strategy formulation.

Rather than think of white space as external — as some indistinct but desirable land outside your company’s walls — I suggest that it’s more productive to view it as an internal signpost — as a way to map your company’s ability to address new opportunities or threats. So by white space, I mean “market opportunities your company may wish — or need — to pursue that it cannot address unless it develops a new business model.”

These might be opportunities to bring your own innovations to market — Apple’s iPod is a great example and so were the mouse and laser printer (albeit ones their inventor, Xerox, failed to develop). Alternatively, they might be imperatives to address a competitive threat or a radically altered market landscape — like the one AOL faces as it watches its dial-up subscription market melt away or the one I suspect many, many companies will face this spring as they contemplate a world devoid of credit-induced demand.

Defining white space in this way is important to strategy formation for three reasons.

First, many companies have drawn too broad a conclusion from failed efforts to enter their white space — not that those opportunities couldn’t be captured without changing their business model, but that those opportunities could never be captured at all. As a result, they’ve retreated to their core operations and adjacencies — and unnecessarily limited their options to only those strategic moves that they can execute with their current models. Too many companies act like Xerox in this situation and not like Apple.

Second, if viewed in this way it becomes clear that one company’s white space may be another company’s core competence. This may well be so for AOL as it tries to switch from a profit formula based on subscriptions to one funded through advertising, something very far from its core but very familiar to its born-on-the-Web competitors (though perhaps the fact that Armstrong is a former Google executive will carry the day).

But ultimately what this definition allows you to do is map a new opportunity or impending threat against your company’s current ability to meet it, rather than assuming that the odds of success depend mainly on how near or far it is from other competitors. If white space really were just a place where no competitors lurked, companies would have little trouble bringing their most innovative ideas to market, since they’d be, practically by definition, the ones least subject to competition. But we all know how often that turns out to be true.

Mark W. Johnson is chairman of Innosight, a strategic innovation consulting and investing company with offices in Massachusetts, Singapore, and India, which he cofounded with Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen. Mark’s book is Seizing the White Space: Business Model Innovation for Growth and Renewal.

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