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  • Discover how you ended up in your current financial position?
  • Why you struggle to maintain a healthy bank balance?
  • What work is you ideal match?
  • Why your relationships are the way they are?

Set sail on a life changing adventure, discovering permanent transformation.

Collaborate on a structured, self-empowering transformational journey, to discover and fulfil your life’s undiscovered dreams, in an engaging, information rich environment, involving a self-discovery workbook, one on one mentoring and many more tools and techniques, keeping you aligned to honour yourself, to live your dreams, not someone else’s!

My Story

The Transformation began with a challenge

I had one of those incredible life transforming experiences.

I was working in corporate advertising sales, I had all the pay and benefits…but eventually became sick and tired of being sick and tired. This caustic environment working 60 to 70 hours a week, providing for my family, led me to becoming so unhealthy and overweight that when I stood up I could not see even see the ends of my toes. But then…I realised that I and everyone around me were enslaved, to a corporate machine which was never going to be satisfied, we were paid to be emotionally disconnected from our decisions, everyone was caught up in the material gain, at a never-ending cost to their health, family and friends. The one thing we all worked so hard for, we sacrificed the most, our families and friendships.

I left the corporate world and went to find freedom in the Forex (foreign exchange) trading world. I had spent more than $50,000 chasing life changing self-development courses, concluding that dedication and focus, with accountability was necessary to learn this new skill. I booked in with Learn to Trade in Sydney to learn Forex trading, all in all I invested a year of my life learning this new skill, forging the opportunity to become a prop trader on their live trading floor. I asked myself why am I here? I don’t need to be here? the answer appeared in front of me! in the form of all the new students, who were just like me, wanting to change their lives. Unknowingly I found myself stepping into my life’s purpose, it just jumped out in front of me, mentoring students to make the transitional journey, to find themselves and empower them, along a structured pathway, to fulfil their life’s desires. I found that the new traders pursuit for financial freedom, was not backed by a personally structured action plan, that matched their desire to change their lives. This led me to embark on a journey to discover the answer, why are people blind to the underlying story that runs their life, which can be highly visible to those around them, yet invisible to themselves?

I became a Specialty Licensed New Money Story® Mentor under Dr David Krueger and adapted David’s lifetime of professional work, to the trading world, designing a custom package incorporating ground-breaking research in neuroscience, psychology, behavioural economics, and quantum physics integrated with strategic coaching to catalyse behavioural change incorporating Dr Krueger’s New Money Story® Workbook, all combined with 1on1 mentoring, adapted to the financial markets trader, to overcome their own psychological battle within. This was the missing link after learning all the technical aspects of trading. Without this, traders found themselves doing the same old things, over and over again, they knew they should not be doing! resulting in helplessly losing the money they made, even with the benefits of hindsight, they could not understand, why they kept undermining their own success.

Experienced with hundreds of mentoring sessions and years of experience in the psychologically testing environment of Forex trading

I developed a skillset for guiding students to understand the underlying story that runs their life and how to implement a process to take control. You will demystify, why all of the self-help ‘edutainment’ has keep you just out of reach, of your true potential and see in action, the contradicting nature of your conscious brain and subconscious mind, how this is working against your aspirations for success. With me at your side, as your accountability mentor, we will go through a self-discovery adventure to discover your subconscious money blueprint, that runs your life. Demystifying what is a natural counter-intuitive human behaviour and implementing transformation techniques, which are complementing to how the brain and mind work…good news is…motivation is not important, you just need to get on this self-paced path, be present with the content and all will effortlessly unfold. You will develop a life of financial success, through step by step possibility thinking, which is commonly referred to, as an overnight success.

You will answer questions like: 

  • Why is your life a financial struggle, why does money just slips through your fingers?Why are all your hardworking efforts and best intentions not rewarded?Are you a person of high standards? applying many years of self-development and achieve high results, yet burn out job after job, with little progress.

    Are are a pioneer? discovering innovative solutions, mastering challenges, looking for some sort of magic answer? which is not materialising. Looking back on your life you have changed direction so many times, now finding yourself asking questions like: What is the missing link? What am I searching for?

    How do I find financial freedom? Freedom seems to move further and further away, year after year, as I watch those around me, live a better lifestyle. I just want to settle down and enjoy time with my family and friends.


The workshop was an emotional experience for me. For me, it was the first time in my life, that I was able to get got in touch with my inner self. The overwhelming feeling of forgiveness put me in tears.


Excellent Course Program. Should be done more often. Great materials. Great videos. Very comfortable. More than the expected. Excellent!


I learned a lot about how relaxing and mindfulness techniques can help us not only in trading but also it can help us in our lives. This workshop taught me something new and I’m glad I now know about is information.


Andrew is a very effective communicator and very friendly too! Great! The New Money Story programme is an excellent course
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Disclaimer: Your Money Gateway is a mentor supported programme, incorporating the New Money Story® Client Workbook and 1on1 Mentoring, for life changing transition. However, If you are looking for a get rich scheme, this is not it. If you're willing to dedicate yourself to this programme, by taking small blocks of time out of your life and using the mentoring supplied for accountability, you may achieve mastery of your subconscious money blueprint. We implement practical cutting-edge science to create human ‘brain friendly’, results driven outcomes, via the Emotional Economics® of Money Mastery which is a master system with concrete assessment and action steps for mentoring a New Money Story® interwoven with life, career, relationship, and wellness stories, so as each person's money blueprint is different, and results will vary from person to person. We support your personal transition, as you complete this self-paced New Money Story® Client Workbook, we incorporate tools and strategies, to support your aspirations for success. Having supported many clients in transition, we understand the process required is not an overnight one, and will support you for three months from the date of purchase. Testimonials on this website are real and achievable for people who follow the step by step process, however their results are not typical. Their results are not a guarantee of your future earnings. Your Money Gateway does not guarantee that you will make a specific level of income. The use of the information, products and services here should be put into practice using your own due diligence. Your Money Gateway is not liable for any success or failure you may experience in any financial market from the direct or indirect use of our information, products and services. Excerpts from New Money Story® Client Workbook, courtesy David Krueger, M.D. by permission. Andrew Pertsoulis Mentoring Pty Ltd, ABN 18 612 257 360 is the licensed Australian distributor of the New Money Story® Client Workbook.
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